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For aspiring members who has no previous experience in consulting, ACBC offer route and opportunity for membership by:

A. Graduate  Students - Whether you’re considering a career in strategic management, entreprenurial development, human resources, accounting and leadership development, your work may involve face-to-face consultation with clients.

You need to understand the consulting process, no matter your discipline. 

ACBC Malaysia has many learning partners that incorporate management consulting into their curricula. Graduates of our partner institutions are recognized as having completed most / all of the educational requirements of the certification programs:

1) Ethical Consulting Behaviour
2) Essentials of Management Consulting
3) Project Management
4) Interpersonal Management Skills

And graduates of established tertiary institutions may have their education assessed for exemptions for modules (subject to approval).

B. Young Professionals (YPs) - under 30 years of age - You have your degree and perhaps even a designation in your chosen field. And you’re thinking of the next steps in your career advancement. The Professional Certificate in Management Consulting Programs gives you the solid foundation to take you to the next level.

To earn the Certifications, participants must meet the educational requirements referenced above (Essentials of Management Consulting, Ethical Behaviour, Project Management, Interpersonal Management Skills).

Post-secondary education credits that YPs have obtained in three of the four ACBC core competency areas (Project Management, Interpersonal and Personal Skills) may already meet those certification requirements. Young Professionals who have not previously passed ACBC’s Essentials of Management Consulting and Ethical Consulting Behaviour courses are required to take those courses.

C. Transitioning to Consulting - over 40 - You’re an expert in your field and thinking of winding down your career, but you want to use your experience and expertise as a consultant. The certification programs will teach you how to assess a client problem in a methodical manner and how to guide the client through your recommended solution.

D. Student Members -  A Student Member is a full-time college or university student who has an interest in management consulting and supports the objectives of the Institute.

The reduced-rate Student Membership is for students in good standing who are actively studying at an Accredited University or College, may become management consultants, and who agree to abide by the ACBC Code of Ethics.

Student members may continue at the student rate for 12 months immediately subsequent to graduation. Student members do not actively pursue consulting clients.

Upon completion of the professional papers by ACBC, is eligible to apply for an associate members of the association and subsequently for Certified Members after obtaining the required consulting experience.

Alternatively you can enrol in our Professional Certificate in Business Consulting conducted by ACBC with Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UniRazak) Centre for Continuing Education.

Questions? Contact us at memberships@acbc.org.my or call us at +60 11591 38025  Download Membership Forms


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